Kickstarter Weekly--Feb 21, 2014

As another week of  posts here at TOG comes to a close, we bring you our weekly round-up of titles kicking their way into the gaming industry. As always, there are a ton of campaigns out there seeking your gaming dollar. Please let us know if there's something we've missed that you think is awesome!

Featured Campaign!

MeepsCharacter Meeples - Meeple Source

Not a game, but a really cool way to trick out your old games! What else is there to say!? No longer will your meeples be nameless, faceless worker drones without personality or character! These are cool-looking custom-painted meeples in all sort of races and classes for all of your gaming "needs." There are a TON of designs to choose from, so there's bound to be something you'll like.

You can get in on this until March 16, and $10 gets a complete set of 8 Meeples of a character of your choosing. Or $25 will get you 3 8-Meeple sets. Check out all of the designs and options: right here!

Kingdom BuilderKingdom Builder Big Box Kickstarter Edition - Queen Games

In the shocker of the century, we have a bit of a disagreement here at TOG! Firestone is calling into question the use of Kickstarter by a large publisher such as Queen Games, while I say let them do what they will--Kickstarter is but another tool in today's gaming industry!

Regardless, Queen Games has launched a big box edition of  Kingdom Builder, 2012's Spiel Des Jahres winner. It features the base game, as well as the Nomads, and Crossroads expansions, and two mini expansions: Capitol and Caves. They've also included, in this edition, newly shaped settlements: Each color now has its own distinct shape for a little more added flavor to your game play.

Already gained over $100k

The campaign ends March 8. A pledge of  $85 will get you the big box--there are still a few $79 early-bird pledges left but not many. You can find the full details: right here!

MigrationMigration - Joe Cannon

In Migration players set out to control a fantasy realm for their nation in a filler-sized area-control game for 2-4 players. With a modular board offering multiple setup configurations, there's bound to be a decent amount of replay value with this game. There's some fantastic artwork waiting to be injected into this game, although we are hoping the components take a significant leap from the "Game Crafter" version shown on the campaign -Particularly the stickered up tokens.

The campaign ends March 15. A pledge of $39 gets a copy mailed to your door, and you can see more images and get all the details: right here!

PeasantPeasant Buffet - Wargi Studios, LLC

A cutthroat, press-your-luck card game where players try to survive an all-out attack on their village by blood thirsty monsters. It's every person for themselves as players backstab, lie, and steal their way to victory. Players collect items to either defeat monsters as they show up from the deck, or use their own weapons to steal from other players. But if  a big bad monster shows up, they may have to join forces just to survive!

This campaign ends on March 17, and a pledge of $20 will score you a copy of the game. You can find out all the details: right here!

Quick Updates

coverDraco Magi - This campaign has been a HUGE success, funding over 500%. It closes at 1:10 EST, Feb 21! That's today, folks! They've unlocked EVERY stretch goal they've planned, and you'll be getting a great game for $15, if, of course, you backed it!

Zeppeldrome - We are baffled at this, but the funding was unsuccessful for Zeppeldrome--falling about $4,000 short of their goal of $24,000. Zeppeldrome is a legitimately fun game, and one of our most anticipated titles to hit Kickstarter in a while. We certainly hope 12SP Entertainment doesn't scrap the game, but will find another way to bring it to market! We'll keep you posted on any of those developments!

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Please let us know if there are any cool Kickstarter Campaigns out there that you're backing! We'd love to hear about them!

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