Kickstarter Weekly - Feb. 15, 2014

oddballlogoWell we're a day late--but hopefully not a dollar short--bringing you this installment of Kickstarter Weekly, we've got some great campaigns for you to look at including a featured campaign that we reviewed earlier this week. You really should jump on this one, what are we talking about? Let's get started!

Featured Campaign

oddball Aeronauts - Maverick Muse Games

No, we didn't mistype--the o isn't capitalized. oA is a 2-player card game that requires no playing surface, but still offers great game-play, lots of strategic decision-making, and oh yeah, it's really fun too! We're both big fans of this one, and they're well on their way to hitting their funding goal, so we hope to see some nifty stretch goals unlocked soon!

It's only 15 European pounds, or whatever they spend in England, which is 25 USD, and the campaign ends on March 3. You can find all of the details - Right HERE! You can also read our full written review - Right HERE!

heroes coverHeroes Wanted - Action Phase Games

Create your own super hero by selecting cards and mix-matching cards that give you special abilities, as you attempt to gain enough fame to make it onto the city's Super Hero Team. You do that by saving the day! Heroes Wanted is a tactical board game for 1-5 players, and has funded in 48 hours, so every backer at this point is just racking up stretch goals/rewards!

A pledge of $55 will get you the base game and stretch goals, and the campaign ends on March 9. You can get all the details- Right HERE!

lineageLineage: The Martial Arts Strategy Game - Gray Wolf Games

An asymmetrical strategy game for 2-6 players, in which certain players are playing the roles of a Master and a Student, and another role is playing the Emperor and General. Each role have different win conditions. The game has a lofty funding goal, but the components look really nice, and they are hoping to keep that quality in the production run.

A pledge of $39 earns you a copy of the game, and the campaign is a long one, ending on April 1. You can get the full details - Right HERE!

provinceProvince - Laboratory

Province is a Euro-style micro-game. Yep, there's yet another micro game hitting Kickstarter, and since they've cruised past their funding goal it will soon hit the market. The game looks to be a resource management/worker and area-control game that apparently takes 25 minutes to play and fits in a 4" x 4" bag.

Like most micro games it takes a very small investment of time and money to get into Province, so it might be worth taking a look a this one.

Province will only cost you $5 for a copy shipped to your door. The campaign ends on March 2, and you can find all the details - Right HERE!

Thanks so much for taking the time to take a look at this week's Kickstarter Weekly! Are you backing any of these games? We'd love to hear your thoughts on them, and if there are any sweet games we've missed that are funding right now!

Thanks for reading and we'll see you next week with more gaming, news, reviews and interviews here at TOG!

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