Days Of Wonder Announces Ticket To Ride: 10th Anniversary Edition

T2R-10th-boxBy Firestone It's the perfect gateway game. It's the game my Mom wants me to bring to every holiday get-together. It's often mistakenly called "The train game"--also by my Mom. And it's turning 10 years old...with a shiny new edition.

Days Of Wonder has announced the 10th Anniversary Edition of their blockbuster bestseller.

Ticket_boxesThe game will come with in an oversized box, with new cover design and graphics. And the new and redesigned board will be 50% larger than the original.

The box will also include:

  • 5 Tin Boxes, each with 48 finely sculpted trains
  • 5 Wooden Scoring Markers
  • 1 Multilingual Rules Booklet
  • 110 Train Cards with all new illustrations
  • 30 Classic Destination Tickets
  • 35 Destination Tickets from USA 1910
  • 4 Destination Tickets from Mystery Train
  • 1 Longest Route/Globetrotter Bonus card

Ticket_trainsThose trains and tins look really cool! It drops in June, but start saving your pennies now: it'll cost $100...