Con You Help Us Out?

khaaaanWe here at TOG, love gaming cons... Well at least I (Jeremiah) do. Firestone often sulks from afar because most of the major cons happen states--if not time zones--away. Anyway, while there are some large staples in the gaming con universe: GenCon, Origins, Spiel Con, BGG Con, today we thought we'd make an open place for folks to inform others of the diamonds in the rough. It seems that unless you peruse the bulletin boards at your FLGS you won't hear much about the local cons in your area.

So here's where you come in. We'd love to hear from you, especially if you've attended a smaller local con that you think is worth checking out--just let us know down in the comments below. Let us know all the vital details: date, location, any special guests, events, and of course cost for admission. Feel free to include links or twitter accounts, and contact info as well. Remember, this is the internet and our readers are spread out everywhere, so don't hold back--the more cons listed the better!

So sound off, gaming folks: Where do you get your con on?!

Thanks for reading and contributing!

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