Z-Man Games Announces a Vikings Reprint!

vikingscoverThis is GREAT news for people who like GREAT games. Z-Man has announced they'll be reprinting the OOP Michael Kiesling classic Vikings in 2014.

Sell 'em if you've got 'em, because this 2007 game has been fetching big $ on the open market.

Image from BGG user Galender

It's an auction and tile-placement game. There's a cool "table" that acts as the market for buying different viking-and-tile combinations to place into your kingdom. As vikings/tiles on the lower-cost end of the wheel are bought, the wheel will spin, and those that were expensive are now cheaper. Or, you can just buy that tile/viking combo you really need at the higher price. And there are marauding enemy ships that you're sometimes forced to buy and deal with. And because of the way the wheel works—which is much too complex to explain without showing you—you can set it up so your opponents are forced to buy tiles they don't want or can't use. It's devious and wonderful!And there's an advanced version that adds even more complexity, but also some more interesting decisions.

No news yet on whether this will be a straight reprint or not.

Trust me on this: Vikings is a TERRIFIC game, and if you don't have a copy, make sure you snatch up this reprint.

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