The New Podcast is Here!

AsgardYeah, so...we're behind on podcasts. We have good reasons for it, but you don't really care what they are. Just know that we're back in the groove, and a new podcast just dropped.

AND, we have another one in the hopper, so look for that soon! (ish)

You can find the new one here. Or if you've already subscribed, then just go look! Because it's there!

We talked about some of the newsworthy stories coming out of the gaming world. Then we introduced a fun new segment called  Fill In the Blank! (Complete with impromptu theme song.) And we had an interview with Lance Hill about his recently Kickstarted game Kings Of Israel. Plus, we introduced another new segment, called Fire & Eis! And finally, we reviewed Mayfair's recent viking game Asgard's Chosen. That's a bunch!

Thanks for reading and listening!