Friendly Local Game Stores, UNITE!

Hey Guys! 28189-beautiful-christmas-treeSo we know we've been  linking to all sorts of online stores including some links sending you to Amazon with their low prices and lightning deals, etc.

It's obviously easy for us to drop in a bunch of links to online retailers for deals since we're...ya know...on the Internet, and online retailers are also on the Internet. But we both love local game stores as well, so we thought we would give you all this open post to share links to your store's Web site/Facebook pages, etc., and let the folks who may be reading in your area know about any special deals and events going on in your neck of the woods!

It's our Christmas present to you folks who work day in and day out providing a friendly, safe place for folks to come in and check out new games, play in tournaments, and connect with other gamers in the area!

So, FLGSs, leave your links in the comments below! PLEASE include your city and state, and any contact info below, as well as any info on upcoming gaming events, sales, or promotions!

Readers, please share this post with your FLGS so they can join in on the fun!

And have a Merry Christmas!!

From Firestone, and Jeremiah here at Theology of Games!