Kickstarter Weekly—October, 18, 2013

Hey gang, it's been an exciting week around here, we just recorded our third episode of the podcast, and it should be showing up in your feed sometime really soon! Meanwhile, Kickstarter is doing its thing, so let's take a look at what's going!

Featured Campaign!

RarrRarr —Ape Games

Our featured campaign this week is a fun-looking family game in which players create their own monster with a unique set of powers, and then pit them against other players' monsters in a battle royale!

The campaign ends Nov. 25,  and it costs $20 for a copy of the game. You can check out the campaign here!

Space JunkSpace Junk—Lamp Light Games

Get ready to grab all that junk flying around in space and patch together your own rocket ship, and battle your friends in this light strategy board game. This one looks interesting, but the campaign is off to a slow start.

The campaign ends Nov. 11 - $40 Canadian gets you a copy of the game—check out the campaign here!

Run Fight or DieRun, Fight or Die—Jason Maxwell

It's zombies! Players will each have their own set of would-be survivors and take on their own swarm of zombies. The minis look cool for this one, including a big, bad, mutant zombie boss that will be able to hold his own cards! Yeah.

The campaign is going really well; it funded in 2.5 hours, and ends Nov. 12—a pledge of $50 gets you the base game, and the full campaign is right here.

CastlesCastles—A Strategic Card Game for Two Players—AAIIEEE! Games

The first release of AAIIEEE! Games, Castles boasts being a quick, unique card game that will have two players battling it out using wizards, minions, and more. This one has us intrigued, and they should be able to hit their funding goal of $6,000.

The campaign ends Nov. 9, and it's only $20 for the game—you can find the full campaign here!


NovusNovus Feature Card Game—Zenion Game, Inc.

Zenion is calling Novus a "Feature Card game" which is a CCG without the "Collectible." This game comes with 4, 50-card decks. To play, pick a deck, shuffle, and go. This one looks like a Kickstarter no-brainer: cool theme, great art, great concept. They've already unlocked 3 stretch goals and there's plenty of time for more!

The campaign runs until Nov. 1 and $32 gets you a copy of the game—you can check out the full campaign right here!

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So, what are you backing on Kickstarter? Let us know!

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