Fantasy Flight Releases the Trollfens Expansion for Descent 2.0

Trollfens By Firestone

Fantasy Flight has released another "small" expansion for its hit dungeon-crawler, RPG, board game Descent—this time you'll be taking a trip to the dangerous Trollfens...

The game comes with two new Heroes—Roganna the Shade, and Augur Grisom— and two new Classes—the Stalker and the Healer.

For monsters, you'll see Plague Worms, Harpies, and Bol'Goreth, a huge troll who will get his own miniature in an upcoming Lieutenant Pack.

There are also five new quests that you can add to your campaign, or play as one-offs. Finally, there are some new terrain tiles that add a swampy terrain that can hold both treasures and dangers.

infectiontokensChime in! Have you played Descent? Are you excited for this? Is Fantasy Flight coming out with too many expansions too quickly?