TOG Joins the Extra-Life Gaming Marathon!

Every once in a while an opportunity comes along to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and to reach out and help those who are in desperate need. And sometimes that opportunity takes the form of something we also love to do. So we're very pleased to announce that Theology of Games has joined the Extra-Life gaming marathon that will take place on November 2nd!

What is this? A gaming marathon? How does that help others? We're glad you asked... Read on!


Here are the basics -

1 - Sign up. You can either join a team, or create your own.

2 - Tell people what you're doing.

3 - Send them links to your team page and kindly ask for their sponsorship.

4 -  Play games from 8:00 am Nov. 2 - 8:00 am Nov 3.

ALL of the proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital of your choice. The hospital I (Jeremiah) am supporting is Akron Children's Hospital. I live about 5 minutes from this hospital, and we have been blessed to have such a great and top notch medical facility nearby to help us care for our boys.

Here are some more details about Team TOG -

Come play games with us at the Root!

We (and when I say we, I mean Jeremiah) will be playing games at the Root Cafe, 852 Bath Rd. Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44223. If you want to join us and be a part of the team, GREAT! If you just want to come and play for a few hours, GREAT! Or if you just want to support our efforts financially, GREAT! Karolyn at the Root has been gracious enough to make the venue available to us for the full 24 hours. I plan to schedule out the day with different events; we'll Skype in game designers to chat about the games we're playing, and all sorts of fun stuff! Plus we'll have a great supply of food and caffeinated beverages to keep us going! We'll have more details available as they get worked out!

If you'd like to join us or support us you can find our team page right here!

Thanks so much for reading, we'll be sending out updates about the event on all of our social media outlets, so make sure you check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! And don't forget, we're podcasters now too!