It's Finally Here! Our First Podcast

TOGLogoOkay, first: Thanks so much for your patience. The truth is, this was way more work than we thought it would be. So it took a little longer to get this out than we'd hoped. But we learned a bunch during the process, and it'll be easier from now on (we hope!).

There are a couple of things we're still figuring out. For instance, a few times during the podcast, Jeremiah's voice echoes a little bit. But it never lasts more than a minute of two, so please bear with us.

We seriously, seriously want your feedback. If something is good, bad, or ugly, let us know.

And we've already recorded podcast #2, so look for that in just a few days. (And that's our plan going forward: A new podcast at the beginning of the month.) Thanks for reading and watching (and now listening!).

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