Hello? Is This Thing On?

podcast"I can hear you, just barely hear you... I can just barely hear you."  ~They Might Be Giants So, several weeks ago, we tweeted about the momentous occasion of us recording our very first episode of the Theology of Games Podcast! "Well...where is it?!" you might ask.

It's coming. We PROMISE it's coming! There is way more stuff to do in getting a podcast up off the ground than we had prepared for.

So we thought we'd give you a quick update on what we're doing, and how things are going to look moving forward.

The status of episode one, is that we've secured hosting, recorded it, done a bit of editing, and are working on nailing down the title music and an introduction and closing voice over.

Our intro music will be an original piece composed by the unflappable DJSP, a friend of ours and fellow youth worker—you're going to love it!

Our announcer, who will introduce us each month, is a good friend of mine (Jeremiah) named David Bryan Lile. David is a man of many, many talents, and three first names. He's got a classic golden radio voice!

Once all the pieces come together it's just a matter of uploading and jumping through a few iTunes hoops.

In the meantime we're still going to move ahead with our recording schedule and we'll release episodes as we can, to catch up with what we've got recorded. As we do this, we'd love to feature you in our next episode! "How does that work?" you might ask. Boy, you're full of questions today! We're going to feature a segment of the show where we answer questions from our readers and listeners. We've had some great conversations with folks offline about faith, entertainment, games, and all of those things mixed up into one wibbly-wobbly mess. Well, we'd love to have even more of those conversations as a part of the podcast. So how does this happen? Again with the questions! Simple, you can either email us at TheologyofGames@gmail.com, comment on a post, hit us up on Facebook, or use the hashtag #AskTOG on Twitter. Ask us about anything—our faith, the games we're playing, what our favorite color is, the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow...whatever! We love the folks in the gaming community and we want to hear from you! We're recording episode 2 this weekend, so get those burning questions into us!! And stay iTuned for the TOG Podcast! It is coming... REALLY!

Thanks so much for reading, and we'll be looking for those questions!!