Mayday's Crokinole Carrying Case—A Review

By Firestone

Just a little room on the outside edge. But it's cushioned well.

A while back we featured a Kickstarter Weekly from Mayday Games that included a crokinole board, a carrying case, and a clock you can affix to the front of a board if it's hanging on the wall. Well I have a Hilinski Brothers board that I'm completely happy with, but I wondered if the Mayday case would fit my non-Mayday board. So I reached out to Mayday, and they graciously offered to send me a case so I could test and report on it.

The Result: It fits very well. There's a little bit of room in the bag—maybe 1.5 inches between the board and the outer edge of the case all around. But it's not something where I'm worried about my board clanging around inside of there—it's just a bit less snug than I would prefer. There are handles, and also a shoulder strap, and the seams all appear to be strong. I gave the handles a few good, sharp tugs, and they're solid. I'm not sure how much I'll use the shoulder strap, but that was solid, too.There's also a velcro pouch on the inside where you can store your discs. Mayday sells the cases in black and yellow for $49.95.

I want two main things out of a crokinole carrying case:

  1. The ability to easily and safely carry my board around with me.
  2. Some extra protection from dings when I'm lugging my board from place to place.


The Mayday case achieves both of those goals. Plus, it's cheap at $50. (You're protecting a piece that cost at least $150, remember...)

They're selling other accessories, too, including colored discs, replacement wooden pegs, a box that holds your discs and acts as a score track, and more. And if you're in the market for a board, Mayday also has those, for $150.

Thanks to Mayday Games for providing a review copy of the case; this didn't affect my review in any way.

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