Have Odin's Ravens Flown the Coop?

Odins RavensA few months ago we featured "Odin's Ravens Second Edition" in a Kickstarter Weekly piece. The campaign was created by Works LTD. who has seen success with one other game campaign, and a few less-than-successful campaigns with some audio/recording gear.

The campaign closed on March 5, 2013 and reached pledges of over $22k. The date provided by Works LTD. to get the game to market is sometime in August of 2013. But a growing number of backers have become concerned because Works LTD. hasn't given any further updates since March 5th when they announced the successful funding of the campaign.

We're not suggesting Works LTD. took the money and headed for Mexico, never to be seen again. But what we really know right now is, well...nothing, and that's what the hub-bub is about. No, the game isn't past delivery date, and there wasn't a "Dear John" note left on the backers' doorsteps. But there haven't been any signs of life coming from Works LTD; it's like they've gone all Willy Wonka and disappeared. Seth—the guy behind Works hasn't logged onto the Geek since March, they haven't tweeted since March.

We all understand that life can happen, and I, for one, certainly hope that nothing tragic has befallen anyone within the ranks of Works LTD; but in the world of 2013, with all of our connected-ness and technological doo-dads, it certainly seems that the easy and professional thing to do is to shoot a quick update to your backers and put their minds at ease.

Here's hoping the ravens haven't flown the coop, and that Works LTD will update backers soon!

Did you back this game? Sound off: On a scale of 1-10, how worried are you that you're not getting your game?

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