Adventure Maximus! Need We Say More?

by Jeremiah Kickstarter featured a campaign yesterday that really caught our attention, and while we will be doing our regular Kickstarter weekly post tomorrow, we couldn't help but write about this campaign today!

MaximusAdventure Maximus, is a quick-playing RPG for...KIDS! The campaign touts that characters are created in 2 minutes, and the kids can not only play the game, but they can be the game master and run the game!

Normally we don't cover RPGs here on TOG, but the concept of there being an RPG for the kids has really caught our attention. It seems to be very appropriately themed for the youngsters as well. Nothing too creepy or scary—the goblins are known for eating waffles, etc. I (Jeremiah) am certainly not the biggest RPG fan in the world, but Adventure Maximus seems to take the fun elements of the genre and package them in a kid-friendly way. (Creativity, story telling, team work, using your imagination!)

The campaign is cruising along, and for $15 you can get a print-and-play version of the game, or for $35 you can score a physical copy along with all the stretch goals they hit.

Definitely worth taking a look at this one, which you can do RIGHT HERE!

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