Giving Up Board Games...

crossBy Firestone So Saturday was International TableTop Day, and as I sat there in the 4th hour of my game of Exodus: Proxima Centauri, it hit me: This is boring. Do this. Draw that. Roll a crapload of dice. ROLL ANOTHER 1, WHEN I REALLY NEEDED ANYTHING OTHER THAN A 1. Attack. Be attacked. Lose by 2 VPs. What's the point?

So I went home, talked to my wife about it, and decided I'm going to quit boardgaming. Forever. I'm selling my collection—pennies on the dollar, so make me an offer. I also talked to Jeremiah about it, and he's been thinking the same thing. It's all just so much...fluff.

So we're starting a new blog. We hope you'll come check us out, and thanks for reading our inane posts over the last 9 months. We truly appreciate it.

And you should seriously think about giving up board games—or should we say, "bored games..."