Today is International TableTop Day!

tabletopThe popular Wil Weaton-hosted YouTube board game show, TableTop, has declared today TableTop Day. That's just an excuse to play games all day, but there are some corporate sponsors for the day, who have partnered with some game stores for giveaways and promos. For instance, some stores will be getting promo cards for The Resistance that have the science fiction spy images along with the words Merlin and Assassin on them, so you can easily add those roles to the original game. I'll (Firestone) be joining in on the fun with some guys from my game group. You should, too. You can go here to find out if your Friendly Local game Store is hosting an event. And then go down for a few hours and support this day of gaming! Or just play some games at home with your family!

Have a great Easter weekend!