Triassic Terror—Kickstarter Weekly

triassicToday's edition of Kickstarter Weekly features a new game from Eagle Games: Triassic Terror. It's an area-control game where you're competing for the best habitats. From the Kickstarter page: "Triassic Terror is a highly interactive game in which players compete for the best habitats. The better the habitat the more Victory Points (VP) you earn for occupying it. Ownership of a habitat goes to the player with the greatest number of Dinosaurs (Dinos) present, so the heart of the game is all about growing your herds, making new herds, and migrating your herds to new uninhabited lands with the best habitats. Competition for habitats is fierce, and if outnumbered your Dinos may become extinct." The game comes with:

  • Prehistoric Island Game Board
  • 6 each of Player Dinosaurs + T-Rexes + Scoring Markers
  • 1 Game T-Rex + 2 Velociraptors
  • 1 Pterodactyl Token
  • 1 Turn + 1 Start Player Marker
  • 12 Volcano + 12 Hatch Counters
  • 1 Set Up and 3 Player Aid Charts
  • 120 Wooden Dino Meeples
  • 78 3-Dino discs
  • 6 Action Tiles
  • 28 Environment Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

The game still has 15 days to go, and it's only $3000 away from funding. The buy-in is pretty expensive, but it looks like you get a TON of stuff in the box. And some of the advance buzz is pretty good. One Boardgamegeek user who has played the prototype version said, "Without doubt this is the most interesting area control game I have played..." Check out the campaign for yourself. And as always, thanks for reading!