Machine of Death—Kickstarter Weekly

52529401f6037bebd4868af5a457e719_largeWe've got another Kickstarter Weekly campaign for you this week. An interesting twist on a novel by the same name Machine of Death is itself a twist on all of those social media apps that purport to tell you how you will die. The Machine of Death tells players "how" they will die, but not when. Players then take on the roles of assassins, and since there is only one way to kill off the other players, they will play cards to try and find the most creative way to bring about the death given by the machine.

From the official campaign -

"So if you can know, cryptically but with 100% accuracy, how a given person will one day die...

And you’re an assassin, and you want to make that day today...

Then you have a puzzle to solve. Given a person who is slated to die by BANANA PEEL, but is currently in (let's say) a space do you make it happen?

Oh, and I forgot: all you have at your disposal is a tool, a liquid, and a piece of furniture. GO!"

7f60bb4463b7cb00c8e9562d59779eaa_largeThis campaign is going like gangbusters, and has blown past multiple stretch goals. You can get in on the action fairly inexpensively and get yourself a PDF print and play version, or for $25 you can get an actual copy of the game.

You can check out the campaign right here.