Wizard's Brew—Kickstarter Weekly

wizardcoverThis week's featured game is actually a reboot of an older one: Das Amulett, an out-of-print 2001 game from designers Alan R. Moon and Aaron Weissblum. It was on the short list for Spiel des Jahres that year, but lost out to Carcassonne. Gryphon and Eagle Games have launched a Kickstarter for Wizard's Brew, a new version of Das Amulett, with a few small differences and improvements. They passed their $10,000 goal just this morning, so it will be funded in 18 days—and this will be a limited edition that will include a small expansion and promos only available through the Kickstarter campaign. Some of the stretch goals include component upgrades and even more expansion spell cards. The game looks to combine resource management, auctions, and player interaction into a meaty filler that plays in around an hour. Check out the campaign for yourself, and as always, thanks for reading!