A Last-Minute Plea for Formula E!

FormulaEA few weeks ago we told you about a racing game from Game Salute and Clever Mojo games called Formula E. Well, with 6 hours to go on the Kickstarter campaign, they're only $3000 away from funding the game! "You've got games about car races, boat races, bicycle races, sled dog races, and even ostrich races, but there's one type of racing that's missing–Elephant Races! Formula E is here to fill that gap. FORMULA E has a double sided game board–one track is for 3 & 4 players, and the other is for 5 & 6 players. There are six colorful Elephant Meeples included with colors that 'should' be tinted correctly for colorblind friendliness. There are ten Holy Cow Meeples that start the game scattered around the track but can be moved to create obstacles for your competitors. Then there is the Mouse Meeple, which you can use to scare elephants into backing up. As you might guess, there's a lot of 'screwage' potential in a game of FORMULA E–and I haven't even mentioned the Cobras and Monkey's yet!"

So if you're on the fence, make up your mind and consider hopping on board. It looks like a fun little racing game—and racing games are great choices for nongamers and families.