Elephant Racing in India

FormulaEGame Salute and Clever Mojo Games have announced a new racing game that should be out by next year's GenCon. Formula E finds 3 to 6 players racing elephants through villages, mountains, and deserts. According to the game description: The primary game mechanism in Formula E is hand management as players use their hand of cards to advance their elephants through the course. Elephants move in a unique manner – they push elephants in front of them until those elephants hit an obstacle, then the active elephant pushes sideways until a path is clear for it to move forward again. Certain move-adjusting cards and tactical-screwage cards can be played to trigger events like diagonal movement, obstacle movement, and nasty little screw-your-opponents effects. Elephant racing is not, necessarily, a sport of honor!

Bruno Faiduttio is one of the designers, so expect some chaos—but I can accept that in a racing game. And the name is a play on the classic race game Formula D—with permission, they used Formula E as a clever homage. Thanks for reading, and have an amazing Christmas!