Party Like a Wok Star!

by Firestone wokBack in 2010 I got to play a neat little co-op game called Wok Star. It was a self-published, 500-copy indie game where you and your teammates own a restaurant and you're trying to get ingredients and make meals before the timer goes off—otherwise, the people eat for free and you lose money. There was enough interest that Z-Man Games signed on to publish a bona fide copy.

Well, it's now 2012, and with no sign of the game in sight, designer Tim Fowers announced he's no longer under the Z-Man contract and he'll be starting a Kickstarter for this soon. He also mentioned that he's "spent time improving Wok Star - the game plays faster (4 rounds) but still has the strategy and teamwork."

We'll let you know when the project goes live. Thanks for reading!