Storm the Castle! - Kickstarter Weekly

Somewhere in the Bizzaro Universe while Castle Panic! was being developed, Storm the Castle came into existence, and made its way to our reality--well, at least it will if Giant Goblin Games has its way. Storm the Castle is a 1-4 player semi co-op battle game where, unlike Castle Panic!, players are joining forces to lay siege and conquer the castle. Over on Kickstarter there's still plenty of time to jump in on the campaign, and there are a TON of stretch goals waiting for you (all the way up to $100k).

The game looks interesting and the concept sounds really fun! The premise of "being the bad guy" is always an interesting twist on your gaming experience. Giant Goblin is promoting this as a kid/family friendly game, although to be honest, I'm not sure I'd be cool with my 6-year-old taking control of the "Undead Horde."

The Kickstarter Campaign looks like it will be funded, so jumping in now is just one step closer to the next stretch goal! Head on over and check out their campaign, and we'll see you next week with another Kickstarter Weekly!