Wizkids is Making a Lord of the Rings-Themed Dicebuilding Game!

Have you played Quarriors? Well you should. Come to think of it, we should probably write a proper review of it. It's a "dicebuilding game"—where you're using dice to build an engine to score VPS. It's like Dominion, with dice instead of cards...kinda.

Anyway...Wizkids just announced that they're making a new dicebuilding game that uses some of the same mechanisms—and cool new dice! There aren't many details, but it sounds like there are cooperative aspects to it--but that someone can be corrupted by the ring. Or something. Anyway, you can read the press release here, and keep an eye out for this game in early 2013. And we'll try to get a review of Quarriors in the mean-time.