Fantasy Flight Announces the First Expansion Cycle for Netrunner

Get ready to save your allowance; apparently, Netrunner is a hit. The first batch sold out in minutes at GenCon, and now that it's hit store shelves it's selling well there, too. So Fantasy Flight has announced The Genesis Cycle, the first series of expansions (they call them Data Packs). Just as with Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, these will be monthlyish packs of sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards). They'll have some new cards for both the Corp and the Runner, and should retail for $15. You can check out the whole press release here. I (Firestone) had a chance to play a quick game of Netrunner this week—quick because my Runner got fried to crispy bits by a trap that I walked right into. Anyway, I loved it, and a copy is winging its way to me even as I type this. I'll have a review up ASAP. Thanks for reading!