The New Resistance Hits Kickstarter

Well, it's official. The "sequel" to The Resistance has a Arthurian theme—and it's now live on Kickstarter. A mere $20 gets you The Resistance: Avalon delivered to your door—plus whatever promos and stretch goals they come up with before the campaign ends in 22 days. One of the promos is a set of anime cards you can use to replace the character cards in the original game. Unfortunately, some of the characters are the stereotypical anime women with ridiculous proportions—like Dolly Parton in zero gravity. Also, one of the characters in the new version is Merlin, so if you're put off by any sort of "magic," you'll want to stick with the original game. A surprise announcement that coincided with this one was a 2nd edition of the original game, that features a larger box (so they can get the game into department stores), and upgraded components, such as a superfluous tableau for each player. The gameplay is completely unchanged, otherwise.

We're ridiculously excited for this game. What about you? Thoughts on the new direction? Thanks for reading!