To Be Continued...

We've had a great first month of blogetty blogging here at TOG, and we wanted to take a second and say thanks to all of you who have read, shared, liked, retweeted, and commented on our posts here on the blog, as well as our other social media outlets! We sincerely appreciate it, and humbly ask for your continued support! We also thought we'd take a few seconds and give you a sneak peek at what we've got planned for month 2!

So here we go!

We've received a handful of review copies for some games, and we'll be reviewing those soon!

Walls of Light

Glory to Rome

and soon Zombie in my Pocket!

We'll also be reviewing some classics and new games:



Mage Knight and more!

And look for our interview with Heartland Hauling Company's designer Jason Kotarski!

All that plus more news, deep thoughts and we'll talk more about our favorite dead CCGs too!

Thanks again for all your support! See you next week!