More X-Wing News!

So, we're pretty big Star Wars geeks when it gets right down to it. And we're excited to see more news about the upcoming release of X-Wing. Fantasy Flight rolled out some more info on their upcoming X-Wing miniatures game this week, this time they gave us some info on the first expansion for the title. I'd say it's more of an add-on than an expansion. It features one T-65 X-Wing. It also has some ship cards, two new pilots (including the ever-so-skilled Wedge Antilles) and a few other customizable features. The ships themselves look fantastic and the buzz is pretty good surrounding this game. Although there's no word on when this single-fighter expansion will release, my guess is they'll be getting them to market pretty quickly to capitalize on the release-date fever.

If you're heading to GenCon to play X-Wing, be sure to check back here and let us know what you thought of it!

Thanks for reading! You can see Fantasy Flight's full post here.