When We Last Left Our Heroes - July 6, 2012

Just in case something slipped by your watchful and keen eyes, we thought we'd give you a nice, one stop shop for all things TOG from our first week in the Blogosphere! Thanks for all the support, we've had a GREAT first week, and look forward to many, many more!

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Carcassonne - We're Not Tiling the Bathroom!

Spies Like Us: Reviewing The Resistance

Win a Free Copy of The Resistance!

X-Wing – Stay on Target!

I’m A Liar: Hesitance About the Resistance

Can You Feld the Love Tonight?

A Comic Book, Card Game? Yes, Please!

Next Week - We'll be reviewing Infiltration and Kingdom Builder, along with more news, deep thoughts and general mayhem! Join us won't you!?