Win a Free Copy of The Resistance!

Everyone who hates getting something for nothing raise your hand! Ok good, those of you who were being smart won't be able to type because your hands are in the air, so no free stuff for you!

For the rest of you, now's your chance to win a free copy of The Resistance! We here at Theology of Games have discovered that the best way to clear your conscious while playing The Resistance is to create a persona that is, well...doing all the dirty rotten lying for you. It's in this spirit that we bring you this contest!

To Enter - Simply sign up to follow us via email (over in the sidebar), and then  comment here with your very own made up spy name! We will randomly select an entry to win a free copy of The Resistance! While we are selecting randomly, we'll post a "Hall of Fame" and share some of our favorite entries, this of course doesn't win you anything, but maybe a little geek cred with your friends.

PLEASE NOTE - We are not running this contest through Facebook, but we would surely appreciate it if you would spread the word by sharing this post on your wall, "liking" us on Facebook  and following us on Twitter @TheologyofGames If you don't win, you can always get your copy here! Or at your local game store!