Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Welcome to Day 1 of our humble little blog. We're two guys who love Jesus and like board games. Please know that we don't have an agenda; we're not going to try and "convert" you at the end of every review. "Ticket To Ride is a great game, but you know what the best ticket is? The one that gets you into heaven!" Lame.

Our faith is a part of who we are, so if something pushes back against what we believe, it might come up in a review. But it's not why we're here. We're just two friends who like to play board games, and want to provide some honest reviews and inroads for people who might only think of Monopoly when they hear the words board game.

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Who's the "us"?

Jeremiah Isley - @JeremiahIsley

Scott Firestone IV - @Firestone

Thanks for joining us. Now let's talk about some games!