The 12 Days of Christmas Contest!

Hey gang! Well, we’ve been teasing this for a while, and it’s finally here!

Its our (not really) annual 12 Days of Christmas Contest!

What’s that mean? It means that very soon, for 12 days in a row, we’re giving away some super awesome prizes! How do you enter?! Great question. The easiest way to enter is to CLICK HERE there are also some social media posts that will get you entries for liking and sharing, and, of course you can SCAN THE CODE! (If you know, then you know.)

Here’s a breakdown of the the prizes!

Roll for your life.jpg

Day 1, 2, 3 - Roll for Your Life Candyman! Courtesy of Smirk & Dagger Games!

Prizes awarded Thursday Dec. 13, Friday Dec. 14, and Saturday, Dec. 15.

Day 4 - SCAN THE CODE!!! If you were at Origins you have one!!! Scan it! Do it now!!

Winner will be picked Sunday, Dec 16

Day 5 - The Final Frontier…. Star Realms: Frontiers. Courtesy of White Wizard Games!

Winner will be picked Monday, Dec 17


Day 6 - 2+2+2+2 Bits - A copy of 8 Bit Box Courtesy of Iello Games

Winner will be picked Tuesday, Dec 18

Day 7 - Small but Mighty! Prize pack includes: Tiny Epic Galaxies, with a Custom Play Mat, Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black with Custom Play Mat! Courtesy of Gamelyn Games!

Winner will be picked Wed., Dec 19

Day 8 - You Break it You Bought it!! Prize pack includes: Forged Key component set and a Compact Card Game Organizer. Courtesy of The Broken Token!

Winner will be picked Thurs, Dec 20

Day 9 - Lurking in the Shadows pack - this prize pack includes: Shadowrift, and the Skittering Darkness Expansion

Winner will be picked Fri, Dec 21

Day 10 - Hero Power Pack! Today’s prize pack includes: TMNT Munchkin, Batman: Gotham City Under Siege, Dragonball Z Over 9000, and Dragonball Super: Heroic Battle! Courtesy IDW Games!

Winner will be picked Sat. Dec. 22

Day 11 - Smirk & Play Games pack! This prize pack features a copy of Koi, and Roll for Your Life, Candyman! -Courtesy of Smirk & Dagger (Laughter) Games!

Winner will be picked Sun. Dec 23

Day 12 - Dragonfire Expansion Prize Pack! This prize features all the latest AND upcoming expansions for Dragonfire!

The Campaign Box: Moonshae Storms (Available Now)

Adventure Pack: Corruption in Calimshan (Available Now)

Character Pack: Heroes of the Wild (Not available until 1/23/19)

Adventure Pack: Ravaging the Sword Coast (Not available until 1/23/19)

Adventure Pack: Sword Mountains Crypt (Not available until 2/6/19) -Courtesy Catalyst Game Labs!

Winner will be picked on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24!

We start drawing winners on Thursday Dec. 13, 2018 and the grand prize will be drawn on Monday, December 23rd!! Good luck!!